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Your community, your way

Forget worrying about declining engagement and reach, your content being lost, algorithms, interference from the platform, and competing for your communities attention. On Grouped, you own your audience and have full control over your content.

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Increase sales by building a strong community

By giving you direct touch to your community, you’ll increase your engagement and create a stronger relationship with your customers. This allows you to build greater trust and loyalty with your potential and existing customers, resulting in more sales, higher lifetime value, and better customer retention.

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All of your content in one place

Grouped is a simple, "all-in-one" platform where brands can share their valuable content and interact with their  community in their own private group. Brands are also able to monetize by setting subscription fees for their group. 

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Where the powers of email and social media meet...

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing because it provides direct contact and the full attention of a brand's community. This allows them to build a more authentic connection with their customers, and increase sales.

Grouped provides brands this same ability. 

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Grouped combines the power of owning an email list with the interactivity of social media. 

On Grouped, brands will be able to share content in a quick, convenient way similar to social media. Brands will also have tools such as comments, polls, and community forums to further strengthen their customer relationships. 

By combining the powers of email and social media, Grouped gives brands a social platform where they can actually own their communities, see engagement and directly correlate audience growth to ROI. 


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